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WIOA Guidance & Policy


WIOA Planning and Policy Documents
CategoryDocument TypeDownloadEffectiveTitle
AJC & WIOAPolicyDownload7/1/201515-001 - WIOA Local Workforce Development Board Composition, Membership, Certification, and Functions (with attachments)
AJC & WIOAPolicyDownload11/1/202115-002 - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act - Interlocal Agreements, Chief Local Elected Official and Local Elected Official Roles and Responsibilities
AJC & WIOAPolicyDownload10/1/201515-003 - WIOA Local Elected Official(s) and Local Workforce Development Board Partnership Agreement
AJC & WIOAPolicyDownload5/14/201515-004 - Identification of Regions and Designation of Local Workforce Development Areas
AJC & WIOAGuidance/ProcedureDownload4/1/201616-003 - WIOA Guidance on Incumbent Worker Training Programs (IWT)
AJC & WIOAGuidance/ProcedureDownload4/6/202116-006 - Adult Priority of Service
AJC & WIOAGuidance/ProcedureDownload10/1/2020 16-008 - Transfer of Funds between the Adult and Dislocated Worker Local Formula Funds
AJC & WIOAGuidance/ProcedureDownload7/1/201616-014 - Eligible Training Provider List & Procedures Guide
AJC & WIOAGuidance/ProcedureDownload8/1/201816-025 - Local Workforce Development Board Drawdown Attachments
AJC & WIOAGuidance/ProcedureDownload7/1/201616-028 - Credential Guidance