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KY State Plan & Annual Narrative

​​​​​The KWIB appreciates state and local workforce development board members, contributing businesses, elected officials, individual customers,  and stakeholders for insights and collaboration in the creation of Kentucky's WIOA State Plan. 

The 2024 – 2027 WIOA State Plan can be found here​. Additionally, the executive summary and brief can be access here​.  

  • A list of received public comments with feedback and citation of the modification in the plan. Access the comments here​

  • WIOA State Plan added substantive language changes. Access the changes here​


PY22 Annual Narrative

The annual narrative can be found here. The Department of Workforce Development (DWD) Program Year 22 successes are depicted below:

  • ​Title I – Adult: 3,372 participants served; 1,976 trainings provided; quarter median earning $8,782

  • Title I – Dislocated Worker: 410 participants served; 266 trainings provided; quarter median earnings $10,840

  • Title I – Youth: 2,470 participants served; 570 trainings provided; quarter median earnings $5,344

  • Title II – Adult Education & Family Literacy Act: 11,668 participants served; 53.45% Measurable Skills Gains rate; quarter median earnings $4,490

  • Title III – Wagner Peyser: 27,429 participants served; quarter median earnings $6,994

  • Title IV – Vocational Rehabilitation: 43,501 cases served; 4,169 participants in training status; $21.51/average earnings per hour; 33.91/average hours worked